Films4SustainableWorld is an association of public interest founded in Paris, in 2014 with the vision of sharing inspiring initiatives through films that highlight local solutions with positive social and environmental impacts on the lives of citizens of the world. We believe that the stories are a catalyst to inner transformation and our commitment is to continue to utilise this transformative power of films by delivering the best quality content towards our collective dream of sustainable living because the future needs changes now. We do believe in advocacy through documentary films to open consciousness, to motivate people, associations, businesses, cities and governments to set in motion new initiatives that contribute and lead towards a society that is more respectful of the environment, and offering greater solidarity among citizens.

Films4SustainableWorld is now also present in New York City as this was the first MegaCity we connected with at the very beginning of the MegaCities-ShortDocs Festival. Since then local contributors help us grow the ecosystem we work with as Universities, Schools, Social Hubs, local media. The status of 501 (c) 3 will soon allow us to make it easier for donors to help us increase our impact by making films that inspire people to take action.

First initiatives of Films 4 Sustainable World



The first edition took place at the Paris City Hall in 2015. Twenty 4 minutes long documentary films from New York, Paris and Shanghai were screened at that event. MegaCities-ShortDocs Festival was created to highlight the power of actions by individuals and local communities to tackle existing challenges of the 38 MegaCities of the world. Short films made by citizens, acts as a vehicle to share positive stories and inspire people from other cities to replicate and adapt those positive solutions to their local realities. The footprint of this documentary film festival extends across 24 countries with close to 500 films being submitted, showcasing sustainable solutions aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the United Nations. The films are leveraged as an engaging resource material by several international organisations and they have been screened at several international events organised by esteemed organisations such as OECD, UN-Habitat, the LH Forum, and various Smart Cities forums. Read more


In 2017, we decided to co-produce a global series of documentary films, Voyage for Change. The uniqueness of this travel film series is that it explores the idea of sustainable future through the perspective of children/teenagers by enabling them to travel and have conversations with experts and change-makers from all over the world. This series of documentary films will be accessible through a streaming platform in 2020/2021, and some digital content will be freely accessible to schools and children. Read more


Films4SustainableWorld collaborates with ShortFilms4Change which is a dedicated production house created to support additional F4SW projects through a co-production approach.This collaboration has financed the making of the first long documentary series Voyage For Change. Read more

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